Xeon vs. Ryzen

Old Intel Xeon vs New AMD Ryzen

Note: This essay was created in 2020 and archived for future reference, it may not reflect the current situation today.

Xeon Advantage

  1. More cores.
  2. Powerful than consumer CPU at the same price.
  3. Cheaper than consumer CPU.
  4. Tried and tested architecture.

Xeon Disadvantage

  1. Old architecture.
  2. Not efficient energy consumption.
  3. Some new features are not supported due to old architecture.
  4. Worst single thread performance.
  5. Very different server motherboard.
  6. Old DDR RAM (DDR3).
  7. Old PCIe interface.

Ryzen Advantage

  1. New architecture.
  2. Efficient energy consumption.
  3. New features supported.
  4. Best single thread performance than Xeon.
  5. New and mainstream motherboard.
  6. New DDR RAM (DDR4).
  7. New PCIe interface.

Ryzen Disadvantage

  1. Less cores than Xeon.
  2. Less power than Xeon at the same price.
  3. Expensive than Xeon.
  4. Not yet time-tested architecture.
  5. Intel optimized programs does not work efficiently.
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