Windows 10 LTSC Programs to Install

List of programs to install on Windows 10 LTSC

After you have installed Windows 10 LTSC, it’s time to install programs that replaces the stock ones.

This is the list of my recommended programs to install on Windows 10 LTSC.

Browser (Replaces Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer)

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome (Not Open Source) or Chromium
  3. Opera (Not Open Source)

Archiver (Replaces Windows’ built in Zip)

  1. 7zip
  2. WinRAR (Not Open Source)

Photo viewer (Replaces Photos and Windows Photo Viewer)

  1. ImageGlass
  2. Nomacs
  3. IrfanView (Not Open Source)

Music/Video Player (Replaces Movies & TV, Groove Music, and Windows Media Player)

  1. mpv | Download | Installer
  2. VLC Media Player
  4. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (clsid2)

Calculator (Replaces Windows Calculator)

  1. SpeedCrunch
  2. Qalculate!


  1. Malwarebytes

PDF Reader

  1. Sumatra PDF
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Not Open Source)
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