OpenNIC Anycast goes down

OpenNIC Anycast Tier 2 DNS Resolvers goes down

I have been using OpenNIC DNS servers recently, and wondering why some of my devices like our TCL smart TV can’t connect to the internet but our computers can.

Troubleshooting my network, I found the culprit: OpenNIC Anycast goes down.

These are the IP address of OpenNIC Anycast servers:


And checking OpenNIC’s wiki, they removed the Anycast IP address on 2021-11-16T21:22:49Z

It seems like our smart TV did not handle DNS server failure as well as our computers by using ISP DNS instead.

It is sad to see OpenNIC Anycast go, since then I moved my DNS to NextDNS and our smart TV is now working well.

By Shawn M.
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