NATs are good: A conversation with IPv6 haters

IPv6 deniers: What they believe and why?

Do you already have IPv6?
What is IPv6?
It is a new protocol for the internet. The current one called IPv4 soon will not have enough addresses for everyone, IPv6 will help solve this problem.
This is not a problem at all because we have NATs, they are great.
This may work for you because you are using only small number of hosts at the same time and control all of them, but if you have a lot of hosts you do not control you would not do NAT.
I have a perfectly running network, and NATs are good, they provide security, my inside network is not seen from the outside.
This is because the NATs are stateful, it is statefulness that provides the security not the NATs, you can have stateful firewall in IPv6.
But NATs are good, I get security for free.
You pay for it, in hidden costs that are required to support the NATs, a lot of people spend a lot of time working to make the applications work with NATs.
It is good for the economy, I give them work.
So go and throw some junk on the street someone will have to be paid to clean it and that will be good for the economy too.
NATs are good, I use them all the time.
Why do you need them?
Because they are good.
Would you not rather have a way to cleanly express your subnetting and your security policies? The much bigger address space allows that.
No, NATs are good. I will take your IPv6 if you give me NATs, they make me feel comfortable.
Go buy some weed and smoke it, it will make you feel much more comfortable than NATs.
Weed is prohibited by law, NATs are not prohibited by law, they are great.
Stupidity is not prohibited by law either.
Do not insult me, my applications do not work with IPv6.
This is because you think you will be able to use the IPv4 forever and instead of testing your applications and paying the developers to fix the applications so that they support IPv6, you are buying more NATs.
Yes, NATs are great, I want to buy one for IPv6.
But you said you do not need IPv6.
Yes, I do not need IPv6, but I need NAT, for IPv6.
Are you nuts?
NATs are great, I do not need IPv6.
And you do not need all the customers with the mobile smartphones which will run IPv6 only?
My customers are not asking about IPv6.
That is because they are asking from your competitors who they know have IPv6, and with that they can offer innovative applications.
I do not need new applications, the old ones are working well with NATs, NATs are good.
Not so good of a conversation this is when you keep repeating yourself.
Yes, NATs are good.
Do you know that in Netherlands and France and other countries, the people are getting native IPv6 already?
I live in other lands, so I do not care. I do not care about their IPv6, everyone has to use NATs, NATs are good.
Do you have an iPhone?
Yes I do, it works with NATs.
And do you know that is already has IPv6, and you cannot use it?
Oh, you mean my iPhone has a feature I can not use?
Yes, your neighbor already uses IPv6 on the iPhone.
I want to use IPv6 on my iPhone.
Too late, you have been talking about the NATs too much so you cannot have IPv6.
I want IPv6.
Sorry, I cannot help you, you need to go and ask your provider.
What if they do not have IPv6, I need IPv6 for my iPhone.
You can get IPv6 from a tunnel broker.
What is a tunnel broker? Do they do NATs, NATs are good.
No, they provide the IPv6 connectivity using your IPv4 internet as a wiring, if you terminate the tunnel close enough to you it is almost as good as native IPv6.
What are they?
Go and ask your ISP, they need to know that you want IPv6, I will not tell you.
Then I will ask them about NATs too.
Yes, ask them what is better for them, NATs or IPv6, and I’m going to the farm in the meantime to drink some milk from the mad cows, this conversation has exhausted me.
Ask them if they have IPv6 for my iPhone.
I will, good bye.

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