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Hi! I’m a person with interest and knowledge who loves to harness the power of computers. I’m currently pursuing Computer Science.

My computer journey:
My mother and father met online, specifically Yahoo! Messenger—that is why computers were a big part of me before I was even born.
In 2007, when I was 4 years old, my parents brought a computer into our home; we did not have internet in our home at that time. My favorite program is Microsoft Paint on Windows XP; that is the program I always play. Around 2008, my parents brought Microsoft Encarta on DVD, which introduced me to Encarta Kids. In 2009, we finally had the internet in our home, and the rest is history.
I started programming around 2011, and my first programming language was batch file scripting. ScrewTheLotOfYou’s batch scripts are what inspired me to do programming. Fast-forward to 2018, I created an account on GitHub and started learning other programming languages like Bash and PowerShell.
By 2019, I started making this website for the purpose of documenting something I have done on computers, so that I can recreate what I did someday, analogous to what we call “reproducible builds” in programming. I can’t believe that this website got so popular, and the rest is history.

Username Etymology:
Back in the days around 2010, when I played GTA San Andreas SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer), I wanted my username to be “Anonymous,” but because I was young at that time (I’m still learning English at that time), I misspelled it into AnimMouse and since then, I’ve been using it on Minecraft, etc., and that’s the story of my username.

Maintaining a documentation is hard to do, if you see something wrong, don’t hesitate to comment, contact us, or make a pull request directly to our website source code on GitHub.

If you think I can help with anything or if you just want to say hi, feel free to contact us. All friendly communication is welcome.

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